British Championship

This shot perhaps means less to the non-US readers, but these are two titans of mainstream big tits of the last decade and change, going head to head. A lot of guys will have a favourite. Here, they put their most famous assets against each other. And there's a clear winner on the right.

The expression says it all.The winner is right at the camera. The loser, isn't. Either she's staring into the middle distance, or (more likely) she's failed to realise which lens is shooting her right now, perhaps out of the uncomfortable knowledge that she's being blown away.

While the loser rests her hand on the winner's ass, almost chastely, the winner grabs the loser around the small of her waist, pulling her tit, making the tit-on-tit as intense as possible. And it's clear that she's both bigger and firmer. It gives the impression that if she wanted to, she could completely pancake her rival.