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william and kate Kiss

We are hugely excited and we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together and seeing what the future holds," the prince said.This is a marriage unlike any other in the British monarchy's history.For starters, Kate is not a blueblood. Her family is firmly middle class."This is a real first for the royal family to welcome in a girl in who's a genuine commoner," said Robert Lacey, a royal historian.She met her prince during their freshman year at Scotland's University of St. Andrews.They began dating soon thereafter, even living together, which is a first for any British heir to the throne. 

Prince Charles and Diana's courtship lasted less than a year. In fact, Diana had only actually gone out with Charles a few times.She was deemed suitable by Buckingham Palace thanks in large part to her royal lineage and her presumed status as a virgin.William and Kate's wedding itself will break with tradition. The couple has asked that people donate to their charities of choice in lieu of gifts.The guest list will feature several neighbors and friends from Kate's hometown and veterans of the British military.

Will and Kate reportedly do not plan to have any servants at their home, unlike Charles, who employs a staff of 149.I think my cooking is getting better," William said.And while that may not sound like a typical fairytale ending, it may be the ending that is most likely to

The kisses were followed by a traditional fly-by of vintage and modern planes from Britain's Royal Air Force.About two hours later, the couple surprised crowds gathered outside the palace by emerging in a blue convertible Aston Martin and driving around for a few minutes. The car was decorated with a multicolored ribbon across the hood and dragged what appeared to be tin cans, a traditional British touch.lead to l

The prince, 28, dressed in the resplendent red tunic of the Irish Guards, appeared to initially struggle to get the wedding ring, made of Welsh gold, onto the elegant, tiara-bedecked Middleton's finger.William said "I will" in a clear confident voice, when asked if he would "love, comfort, honor and keep" Middleton, 29. She appeared slightly emotional as she repeated her vows.The prince was spotted winking at his new bride — the first "commoner" to marry a prince in close proximity to the throne in more than 350 years — after they exchanged vows.iving happily ever after.

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